Consulting and Investment Solutions LLC


We offer a complete range of services to owners, investors, and occupiers to solve complex problems with integrated commercial property services. Browse our services to see how we can help you with your real estate needs.

Financial & Reporting Services

Our comprehensive accounting and reporting system generates monthly financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) and both book and tax year end reports. We provide all of the detail including property income and expense items, annual budgets and forecasts, setting and analysis of rental rates, and maintenance and reserve detail.

Operational Advantage

CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC has created proprietary operational procedures to report and provide recommendations to owners to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Sample proprietary reports include Weekly Activity Status Reports (WASR),Vacant Unit Action Plans (VUAP), Monthly Market Surveys (MMS), and Maintenance Work Requests(WRs).


CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC uses property specific direct marketing channels to maximize visibility to prospective tenants. We provide owners detailed weekly reports of traffic and rental success of each marketing channel. Our property marketability standards and checklists provide owners with real time recommendations on increasing property value.

Local Market Trends

Because CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC specializes in a specific geographic region we are experts on the local market. We update market information weekly through competitor surveys and tours, research, and industry reports and information. This data is used for setting rents, renewal strategy and adjusting pricing to keep pace with the constantly changing market.

Resident Customer Service

Our experienced management staff is committed to providing residents with outstanding service, convenience and enjoyable living experiences. Satisfied residents ultimately increase property value.

Property Repositioning

Through cost value analysis, market research and construction expertise, CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC can prepare and implement a strategic repositioning plan on a unit by unit and overall property basis. Our goal is to increase the value of your investment while providing great service.