Consulting and Investment Solutions LLC


  • We negotiate terms and prepare contracts between buyers and sellers.
  • We protect all purchase monies in escrow.
  • We verify the ownership details to protect you, the buyer.
  • We coordinate the closing and transfer process with a settlement agent.
  • We're here to serve you!

CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC is staffed entirely by licensed real estate professionals, who specialize in the resale of timeshare properties within the North American continent and the Caribbean. With close to a decade of experience and concentration on high demand timeshare properties, we are in a excellent position to conclude any resale that comes through our office. We have also developed a large database of repeat buyers and referrals to increase the pool of clients available as potential buyers for our property listings. Being in association with a network of other timeshare brokers worldwide enables us to look at the market from a global perspective. CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC is quick, competent and we complete closings by guiding our clients in a step by step resale procedure as well as being the one stop place to get questions answered and concerns promptly addressed.

  • No up-front fees.
  • No listing, appraisal, or market analysis fees.
  • We only get paid when the property sells.
  • Buyer generally pays closing costs.
  • Buyer generally reimburses any maintenance fees that may be applicable.
  • Non-exclusive right to sell agreements.


Get a Great Vacation for a Great Price by purchasing a timeshare.

Do you love getting away for a vacation? Timeshares offer you the ability to spend time at some of the best quality resorts nationwide and enjoy their services and amenities, all while paying a fraction of the cost you would traditionally spend.

CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC will help you .Save money on traditional vacation costs by purchasing a timeshare you can use time and time again, allowing you to save thousands of dollars over time.

Save Thousands by Choosing Resale.

Don’t buy directly from resorts when you can buy resale. Resorts tack the costs of advertising timeshares directly onto the price of the timeshare itself, often doubling the price you pay. When you buy resale, you by pass those advertising costs by purchasing directly from the timeshare owner. This allows you to…

  • Purchase Timeshares at up to 50% of the original price.
  • Save literally thousands of dollars for the highest quality of accommodations, amenities, and service at name brand resorts around the world.

CONSULTING AND INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS LLC can Help You Find the Perfect Timeshare! Whatever your vacation dream is, we are here to help. 

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will match you with a timeshare that fits your vacation dreams. Just inform our staff your price range and what you’re looking for, and we´ll help you get it. We have all the necessary tools that allow us to find the timeshare that best fits you.
  • We will guide you through the entire process, utilizing our experience in every aspect of the market to make sure you get the highest quality for the best deals at every step along the way.
  • We will also recommend a finance and/or closing company to make the process easier for you.

Owning a timeshare is your ticket to better vacationing. This means an ever-expanding choice of accommodations, amenities, locations, pricing, use plans, and timeshare exchange. You can tailor vacations to meet your lifestyle needs and travel dreams at more than 5,000 resorts in almost 100 countries around the world. Learn how you can enjoy the flexibility aswell as the discipline of better vacation planning and consistent quality accommodations. Whether you want to enjoy the beach, a snowy winter ski break, an Alaskan cruise, or an annual Thanksgiving reunion for three generations at one of your favorite resorts, you can choose the vacation option that works best for you. 


  1. How the escrow officer will receive and hold the buyer's money for the purchase of the property.
  2. The specific time frame set by the buyers and sellers for the transaction to close.
  3. Particular requirements or specific actions that are to be performed by either party. The escrow officer cannot close until all agreements made have been satisfied.
  4. The authorization for the escrow officer to distribute funds for title insurance, real estate commissions, recording fees and other costs that arise.
  5. Instructions for paying taxes and insurance.
  6. If the escrow officer's examination of the title report discloses liens against the seller or a lien for which the seller is responsible. The escrow instructions usually provide that a portion of the purchase price can be withheld from the seller and usedto pay these liens and clear title so the transaction can be closed. 




In Philadelphia, an escrow is “closed” on the day that the Grant Deed is recorded in the official records at the County Recorder’s office. The moment the Grant Deed is date-stamped by the County Clerk is considered the moment that ownership of the property changes hands.

In Philadelphia, it is important to realize that “closing” does not mean the day the buyer signs loan documents, and it does not mean the day the lender funds the mortgage loan.

Both of those events are essential parts of the process, and both of those events absolutely must occur before the Grant Deed is released to the county recorder for recording.

Understanding how much time to allow for the final closing process will help reduce some of the stress and frustration that can accompany closing an escrow.

After the appraisal of the property has been made; after all the buyer’s financial documents have been reviewed, the Loan Processor or Loan Officer will advise all parties that final approval has been obtained, and that the lender is ready to “draw docs”. The “docs” being the note and deed of trust, and all the accompanying disclosures and addendums that the buyer must sign before the lender delivers the funds.

It can take up to 48 hours from the time the final approval is given until the documents are received by the Escrow Officer.

The Escrow Officer will contact the buyer for an appointment to sign the documents. Buyers are well advised to sign loan documents as soon as possible!

After the buyer signs the documents, the Escrow Officer will “package” them with other documents from the escrow file, such as an estimated closing statement, and return all the documents to the lender. The lender will most likely receive the documents back on the day after the buyer has signed them.

After the lender receives the signed documents back, it can take up to 72 hours for the lender to check the documents in and review them. After the lender reviews the documents to be sure they have been fully and correctly signed, the lender will issue the funds.

The funds are wired by the lender to the Escrow Company. Recording of the Grant Deed is scheduled for the next business page after the funds are received.

Additionally, as stated above, in the state of Philadelphia an escrow is considered “closed” on the date that the Grant Deed, transferring title from seller to buyer, is recorded at the County Hall of Records.

There is no closing table, and no settlement room. The Grant Deed is delivered to the County Hall of Records by a Title Insurance Representative, who waits in line at the recording window.

When the Representative reaches the window, the Grant Deed is handed to the county clerk, who stamps it with a date and document number.

The Title Insurance Representative will then notify the Title Insurance Officer that the recording is completed; the Title Officer will in turn notify the Escrow Officer; and the Escrow Officer will notify buyer, seller, and agents that “We have confirmation.”

When the Title Insurance Company receives confirmation of recording from their representative at the hall of records, the Title Company will wire transfer all funds they are holding from the buyer’s lender to the Escrow Company.

At that point, the Escrow Officer will begin the process of balancing the file and disbursing funds to pay off the seller’s existing mortgages, liens, and any other payments – such as a pest control company – that the Officer has been instructed to pay through escrow.

The buyer becomes the legal owner of the property the day the Grant Deed is recorded. However, it is not unusual for a purchase contract to allow a seller an extra one or two days after the close of escrow to vacate the property. This be can a benefit for the buyer, since the seller will often use the extra day to make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned.